World Languages at Patapsco Middle School

   The primary objectives of foreign language instruction in middle school consist of the students' learning and using the language and becoming acquainted with the target culture.  By the end of the eighth grade, students are able to communicate in the target language on a wide variety of topics dealing with basic daily situations.

   The French and Spanish courses in middle are academically demanding.  They are high school courses tailored to the needs of the middle school student even though they are academic courses with rigorous expectations.  Students who choose to study French or Spanish begin study of the language in seventh grade. They continue with the language in the eighth grade.  Successful completion of the course at the end of the eighth grade will earn one high school credit and "Pass" on the high school transcript.  In the ninth grade, students go on to Level II of the language.  They still have to take two years of a world language in high school (if that is their completer program) for graduation.  Beginning a language in middle school enables students to go on to Level V and to take the AP exam for possible college credit.   

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