Foreign Language Websites


To learn a language for free, search in Google "learn Spanish free online." Substitute Spanish with the language that you wish to study.  

In addition, you might like to try the following websites: for Spanish lessons (includes games) for Spanish lessons        for French lessons (includes pronunciation)                   

Learn a language: 

Learn a language:

Read about holidays around the world:

Read all about the euro:

       To see the U.S. dollar - Euro exchange rate, type "euro" into Google, and the exchange rate appears below the box.

Construct puzzles with new vocabulary:

Play games with content vocabulary and hear songs:

Hear content vocabulary spoken by native speakers:  http://www.languageguide.or

Enjoy a wealth of fun topics in learning and practicing a new language and other areas:

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                                        Scroll down and click on "Shared activities Go."

                                        Click on desired category.

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